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November 11 2010
11/11/2010 02:38 PM

Another Test Blog

Open Realty 3 Blog System
06/25/2010 07:59 PM

The Open Realty 3 Blog System

I am liking the Open Realty 3 Blog System. It is no WordPress but it better than it has ever been.

Thanks Open Realty Team!

Using Open Realy 3.x?
06/25/2010 04:30 PM

Are you using Open Realty 3.x?

If you are, please leave us your feadback. Personally i think it is great but i would love to hear what others think.

Thanks for your time.

Open Realty Templates
06/25/2010 04:24 PM

Welcome to the demo for Open Realty Temlate.

This site is designed to display templates for the new Open Realty 3.0
Please be patient as we try our best to utalize all the functions of the new Open Realty 3.x system into our templates.

Thank You

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